I began working in voice over, specifically anime, by a complete chance meeting with a director from FUNimation in 2004.  I have been privilaged to work on numerous anime titles, video games, visual novels, and audio books for FUNimation, ADV Films, Bang Zoom Entertainment, Blizzard, Capcom Games and Riot Games, and Book Buddy. I can be currently heard as the main voice of Vladimir the Conqueror in the international hit MMORPG Leauge of Legends. My favorite anime roles include the adorkable Master Sargent Kain Fuery in Fulmetal Alchemist, Takayuki in Rumbling Hearts, and Heathcliff in Sword Art On-line. Feel free to follow me on Twitter for my latest projects among my posts of the amazing nerd gym I go to, Nerdstrong Gym, and con experiences.